Wednesday, April 13, 2011


Its Wednesday again. Today isn't so bad though. I got cancelled at work last night, so I got some sleep. They had too many people scheduled and knew that I haven't been feeling well, so they asked me if I wanted the day off. Heck yes! I feel a little better today. My throat is killing me but no more neausea and fatigue. Mikey had an asthma fare up yesterday and had to go to the doctor and get a nebulizer treatment yesterday. He's doing much better today too. I remembered to set the garbage cans out today!! woohoo! (for the first time in 4 weeks) Lucky we dont use that much garbage! Not sure what all I want to do today. Kiddos finally got their room cleaned so I can get in there and get the butterfly window hung up yeah! gotta run to aldis and pick up a few things. (milk bread butter etc..) hopefully it isnt windy today and I can get my "dry erase board" spray painted finally. It has been so windy and I didn't want it to wind up with a bunch of nasty stuff stuck to it. I got a printer from my amazing SIL and Bro! gotta get some ink for that. Wonder how much that costs?? I havea little bit of laundry to wash and alot to put away...guess I have a pretty full todo list when I think about it. better get started!

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