Sunday, April 3, 2011

running circles

Mindless. Today I have no thoughts I guess. I'm tired. I need to go grocery shopping. I have no money to do that so it will wait. We have enough food that we will be able to eat for the rest of the week so I'm not so worried about it. Gremble is insane. He has decided that my backpack is the ememy and is stalking and attacking it. weirdo. I have earned about $8 on each of my survey things. They take a long time to do for only a dollar or 2 so Idk how worth it it really is. I decided what kind of car I might want to get though. Its a Kia Sorento. Costs about 22,000. so every penny that I can save is good. Especially since I have to pay cash. A loan isnt really an option. It will be nice to pay for something like that outright though. I guess for now I'll keep up with the surveys. Layla helped me do an advertising one yesterday. It was kinda cute. We watched a trailer for Rio. now she wants to see it. I really dont see how it should take 30 minutes of questioning about Brawny paper towels before they understand if their ad works well though.

I want this, but blue, I couldn't find a pic of that.
Andrea did well in her race. She finished!! Way to go Andrea. Layla and I made a shirt that said GO ANDREA on it. Layla was sooooo proud. She wanted to run too. I am pretty proud too

Before the Race.

"I'm a runner"

Almost done!!!

You did it!!!

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  1. Hooray me! I like reading your updates. Can you send me these pictures so I can print them? That would be AWES0ME! Thanks and love you!