Saturday, April 16, 2011


So I finally took a few minutes to change my background to something that I actually like. I see so many blogs. Especially crafting blogs. They are all soooo pretty. Pink and yellow and tans and butterflies and whimsical and adorable. soooo NOT me. lol. I kinda like this black that I have it set as now. I need to learn HTML so I can design my own. sadly, computers are an area that I SUCK at. and by suck i mean horribly terribly awfully suck. I can refinish a wood floor, change a tire, sew a dress, hem pants, all these fabulous things but it takes 5 tries before I can get a picture to upload the right way lol. I am awesome. I should get to the library here sometime this week and see if there are some books about it.

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