Saturday, April 16, 2011

furniture, furniture, where for art thou funiture?

I have been searching CL for furniture that we need for the last 8 months. with very little luck :( The kids got a second dresser a few weeks ago though. We have never had a tall dresser before. for some reason it didn't occur to me that it could fall over. Well it did! onto Layla. Poor thing was scared to death! guess I need to get some of those anchor things to hold it to the wall. I work all weekend :( boo. Maybe I'll get some crochet done. I don't have much yarn though and I am broke.Time to start on a new project. We NEED a tv stand. Searching thrift stores and CL later this week for something usable. Garage sales should be starting up soon so that could help. woohoo! I think my neighbors are moving. They are being extra loud(more then their usual) and just backed into the front steps with a truck. awesome. Maybe the next neighbors wont be so loud and will clean up their garbage out of the back yard. I can always hope!

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