Thursday, April 14, 2011

so, you think you have a leg to stand on?

I made my adorable son a fb yesterday. Yes, My 5 year old now has a fb. i moderate it, read everything before he does, let him add people that I approve, so really it's kind like a child friendly extention of my fb. I'm not happy with some of the things I saw when I was reading status updates that some of the friend he had chosen have put up. I really dont understand how someone that claims to be christian can judge me based on anything I have ever done, let alone something that they were so very wrong about. So, I am going to clear a few things up for those of you who want to judge the type of parent I am. 1) I have NEVER one time ever bought something for myself when my children needed something. Ever. period. I haven't bought anything for myself in years. I haven't gotten new clothes for myself in a couple years, no shoes, no jewlery. nothing. the only things that I have gotten in the last few years were given to me as gifts. 2) I have had my hair done once in the last year. 1 freaking time. and yes I got it done at a perfessional salon (OMG!) and yes it was expensive but! a big but! I got it done with a gift certificate that I recieved from a raffle that smeone else bought me the ticket for! I have not had my hair cut, colored nothing in 9 monthes and the one time I did, IT WAS FREE!! 3) I aquired every item of new school clothing for MY son. with no help from anyne except my MIL, which you are not, so stop complaining about it. 4) you or noboy else has ever lved my life or been through the things I have been through so while you are on your high horse judging me maybe you should stop your spoiled steed for a second and realize were I come from, and were you come from. You are 22, live with you mommy and go to school. You claim to work hard yet you have no idea what hard work rally is. You aren't street smart, you know that, but you want people to not judge you for that and in the same sense you want to judge me because I am? where the hell do you get off? So for the record, I did not donate plasma to dye my hair(I do that for gas and grocery money) and then say that I dont have money to buy my son school clothes in the same day. THIS IS COMMON SENSE! and sense you are not a mother and dont claim to be, stop judging those who are and are in much harder situations then yourself. MY children are doing fine and were doing fine before you and your bf ever entered the picture. Keep your mouth shut about me and my child or you will no longer be a part of his life.  

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