Sunday, April 10, 2011

don't drop the soap

It has been beautiful out today! started out at 70 degrees! so we have spent most of the day playing outside :) always a favorite activity of mine! I got the window all prepped to hang on the wall and all the butterflies are ready, just need the kids to clean their room so I can get in there to hang it. Made 3 adorable bows today :) with some help from 3 adorable kids. I'm getting better at it but I am still not completely happy with the way they turn out. after some more practice i'll be better at it :) I found some recipes for homemade laundry and dish washer soap. gonna give those a try, they are supposed to clean better, be better for you and the environment and are WAY WAY cheaper then store bought ones. and there is only 4 ingredients! score! Also want to make some homemade shampoo and soap bars. they have a ton of ingredients and I'm not really sure where to find them all so it might be a few days before I get that accomplished. I'm still looking for extra sunday papers if anyone has any :) and 5 gallon buckets for my movable "garden".

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