Saturday, April 9, 2011

fishing for mcdonalds

So we went to to Easter lake at 9 am to go fishing. It was COLD! ok. it wasn't freezing. but at 9am it was about 50 degrees and on a dock in the lake it was cold. we stayed about 2 hours and caught.....nothing. not a thing. see, I knew there was a reason I don't like fishing. sit and watch water for hours. fun. did it move? no. did it move that time? no. how bout now. nope....boring. so we decided to leave and pick up the boy from grandmas. its about 11 now and 60 degrees. little warmer but still cold in my book. we go get some McDonald's, go to waterworks park and do some more fishing. and we catch ........nothing. again. urgh stupid fishing. actually, the kids are completely bored and playing with sand toys in the mud and lose about 5 toys and some McDonald's wrappers into the water which I fish out with the pole so, I guess technically I caught something. yeah go me! so again we get super bored and leave. we cross the street to grays lake. by now its 1:30 and 75 degrees. grays lake is fun, playground, sand for the toys. Robbie can do his fishing overall good time. we leave about 3 with, guess how many fish.... none!woohoo! what a day of fishing. I don't like fishing with kids. too much stress.  So, I now have a slight sunburn, which will pretty much be a constant for the next 6 months, as does Elexis, I'm used to the mikey and layla and they don't burn, Elexis did pretty quick :( oops. I'll have to go buy some sunblock for her. The day was overall pretty good and makes me wish it was summer all the time. I hate cold weather!

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