Thursday, April 7, 2011

welfare mom

I think grocery shopping has become my new most detested chore. How do you feed a family of 4 on $20 a week? Well, this week. hopefully I'll have a little more to spend next week to make up for it. I spent an hour yesterday comparing ads, coupon hunting and making lists. urgh. sooooo much work just to eat. I'm not a big eat to have fun kinda person. I eat to survive. not to "live" I sustain my self and my family and that's enough for me. I got into an interesting discussion on fb yesterday about deadbeats living off the government and collecting welfare because they don't feel like working, not because they had to. I understand that some people have no choice. But as I am sitting here wondering which one of the major food groups to leave out the girl from yesterday pisses me off more and more. How in the hell do you justify receiving $367 a month in foodstamps for you and one kid just because you "come out ahead receiving welfare"? wth?? You would rather be a stay at home mom then to get a job? too! but see, I have self respect and morals. and I refuse to be a lazy "welfare mom" and now I am stuck with a teeny tiny budget for my groceries for my family of 4 this week and you get to eat steaks and caviar...seems fair to me. and all the while getting money under the table for babysitting that you don't tell dhs about. wrong just wrong!
A little happier for a minute- I got a bog old teacher style desk for my sewing/craft table. woohoo! it took Robbie and his friend quite a while to get it into the basement. they had to take to door off to do it lol! also I got the perfect window for my butterfly project hehehehehe i'm so excited. now i just have to cut out about 60 butterflies. fun. fun. and put some hanging brackets on the frame and we are good to go :):)
ok I'm going to bed now.

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