Saturday, April 23, 2011

fur ball

About a year ago we had this cat. Thomas (Mikey named him) was the sweetest cat but he was an escape artist and wanted to be outside so bad. So, around a year ago he disappeared. He reappeared a month later then disappeared again. We moved (about 1 block) He reappeared at the new house 3 months later (its now septemberish). He then disappeared again. We have been assuming someone else has taken Thomas in and so he just doesn't want to come back. We now have a new escape artist, Gremble. Gremble will not go anywhere though. He is a big momma's boy and will only stay outside for 2 minutes in the driveway soaking up the sun before crying for me to let him in. This morning gremble was hanging out in the drive when who should appear? Thomas! wow! 7 months later?? he came right to me when I called too. he is all scruffy and dirty but when I was petting him he flipped ove and attacked me. I guess he got what he wanted. He is most definitely an outside cat now, we cannot have him being viscous here.  Poor baby. I'm definitely going to have to keep a better eye on Gremble I do not want the same thing to happen to my little fur ball.  When Thomas attacked my hand Gremble came to my rescue (he didnt have to do anything though). What a sweet little boy I have!  I love my little Gremble!
Peanut butter(black and white) and Gremble (little black fur ball) this is in september or so gremble is much bigger now.

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