Tuesday, April 26, 2011

rain rain go away...

It has been raining almost constantly for weeks now :( rain makes me depressed. I'm cool with a day or 2 but not weeks. I have a buttload of stuff to spray paint and I need it to stop so I can go outside and get it done!! I have so many projects to show you guys. The one that I don't have to go outside to complete I just have to put the finishing touches on and I'll photograph and post it later(after I get some sleep and donate some plasma) We went junking on Sunday and got a few good finds, a glass patio table and 2 chairs and a cute old end table. I have big plans for the end table, but, it needs to stop raining so I can get outside and get it painted... hopefully this afternoon. You guys are going to LOVE this table when I am done with it! really!! I promise!! check back this afternoon, I'll update with something awesome then :)

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