Tuesday, April 26, 2011

word magnets

The kids like playing with magnets and are learning to read so I decided that word magnets would be a good idea. well, they are pretty pricey for words that are too complicated still for my kids. So, off to walmart I went.  
I bought these ^^ little puppys from the craft dept for ¢97. I bought 2 pkgs. Took yesterdays newspaper, cut out some words I like, peeled off the lining and stuck away. I cut the strips in between the words and voila, customized word magnets for $1.94!!
Finished product :)

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  1. Word magnets are the best! As your kids get older they can make their own and add to the collection. My 19yr old DD still uses hers to write poetry on the fridge at night, for me to wake up to with my coffee. Thanks for sharing the love of reading with your kids, and your crafts with us!