Tuesday, April 5, 2011

out the window

this is adorable! I found it on http://organizeyourstuffnow.com/wordpress/?p=18873. I'm going to make something similar for the bedroom wall in the kids room. I decided I'm going to use old magazine pages, in pretty colors instead of dictionary pages. I didnt know where to go for the window so I posted it on Craigslist, aparrently there are alot of extra windows out there cause I got plenty of responses. I have the perfect place for it. Hopefully I can go get some and get this done today or tomorrow. I'll post pictures once I take some :). I also wanted an old picture frame with the glass to use as a dry erase board in the kitchen, but I think maybe a repainted/decorated window will work as well. I can't find where someone else has already done that so I dont have any pictures for ideas. Maybe I'll be able to find some today. I'm going to try to make a crochet bunny hat today too. and get the laundry done :( I hhhhhhhaaatttteeeee laundry! Not so much the washing and drying part, the putting away is what gets to me. urgh. and then I let it sit in baskets. Not cool. so, my biggest goal of the day is to get the laundry all done and put away and by all I mean ALL. and there's alot of it.  urgh i hate laundry. Somebody wanna come help me do my laundry? we'll make it a laundry party!! woo hoo! no takers? awww I guess I can do it :(:(.

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