Friday, April 29, 2011

revamped tv stand

My little bro and his darling wife are moving to Texas here in a few weeks. They gave us some of their furniture including this little old TV stand
It is a good sturdy solid wood thing that is just the right size for the TV and small overfilled living room. I'm not quite sure about the color What Do I DO?? of course, Spray paint! not just any old spray paint, flat black of course! My favorite color is blue, any blue, but there is NOTHING in my house that is blue! well, actually the bathroom has a few things and the kids bunk bed. everything else seems to be black or become black with the occasional tan thrown in there. I AM trying to expand my color wheel, I PROMISE!! So after several coats of paint and some repainted handles we now have:
I seriously LOVE it!! I thought the little teal for the handles would be a nice little touch but it is awesome! I think I am going to incorporate more teal in my living room. I cant find my polyurethane....I am going to have to get more in the next couple days and get some protection on this little puppy. You know haw much this cost me?? $2.91!! the stand was free, almost 3 cans of cheap spray paint (.97 each) and lots of time. It'll be a few more dollars once i get a protector coat on but, I'll buy a big ol can of that and use it on more then one project so we aren't gonna count that. I also need to find a drill bit that will cut 2" hole in the back so I can get the dvd and vcr off the floor next to it. I think my dad has one but it's a little late to call him :) tomorrow tomorrow there's always tomorrow. 
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  1. Looks awesome, gotta love what a little paint can do


  2. I love it! Way cute. I will let you know if I see any furniture at my apartment complex. Sometimes when people move, you can find desks, tv stands and other stuff out by the dumpsters. I will call and let ya know if I find anything good!