Saturday, April 2, 2011

up in smoke

Saturday April 2nd, 2011. Right? I'm not off a day or something am I? I'm known to do that sometimes. So, yesterday I spent about 5 hours looking for and through survey websites seeing what actually pays money and what is crap. I found 2 that look promising. and Only Cash Surveys . I'm interested to see if these work out. I'll keep you updated, but it might be a few weeks before anything comes from it. keeping my fingers crossed.
So. Today is the day, I have decided, that I am going to quit smoking. I should have done it a long time ago. but i lack commitment occasionally. So, today is my last day of being a smoker. Wish me luck. I'll let you know how that goes too :).
My SIL, Andrea's first race is today. The 2011 AIDS 5k run. Layla and I are going to go cheer her on. Hope she does well!! (hope I get some sleep afterwards)
I made my first bow. It didnt actually turn out like it was supposed to but it is cute none the less. I tried really hard on it and I think my adorably loving 4 year old will appreciate it anyway.

sorry, my phone takes terrible pictures.

I need some good set in stone kinda goals. Something written down and outlined so that I can get them done. hmmmmm....... gonna have to think on that for a few days. Well, at least a few hours. Anyone have ideas for me? I think I have given up on the 'write a book' idea. I am still working on the hats and bows and still have a couple weeks to meet those goals. (make an owl hat and some pretty boys for Layla) I need to think of something new now. 

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