Sunday, May 22, 2011


I need to become a little more organized here so this is what I am going to do: Sunday, or in some cases Monday, I will do a little overall of what I have done the last week and what I will be doing in the following week. Monday, Wednesday, and Friday(approximately) I will post new projects, updates on work, plans for whatever I will be working on, or maybe really cool things I have found at 2nd hand places, or maybe more recipes. The rest of the days I will try to occasionally fill in with other things that are going on, family updates, ramblings that sort of thing. sound good? much more organized at least. hopefully it can stay this way. 
so Sunday, week one :) I need to find a snazzy name for this Sunday "whats coming/weekly wrap up"(or is that rap up?) thingy.

This week I:
  • Made another adorable tutu.
  • Started what will become crochet owl hat attempt one
  • was sick for 2 whole days :(
  • Made waffles, from scratch, for the first time ever using a waffle maker that I bought from the Animal Lifeline thrift store for $1.29
  • bought the fabric for the booster seat covers.
This coming week I hope to finish(or at least start)
  • 1 or even 2 booster seat covers
  • owl hat attempt 1
  • dandelion painting
  • a couple more tutus for some ladies that i work with(for their little girls actually
  • hopefully put away all winter clothes

We are going camping next weekend and I have to prepare for that too so my to do list may not be completely finished BUT I am going to try really hard to get at least 2 things done. I think that's a pretty fair goal. I might do a post about the 1001 things that I do to prepare for stress free camping with little kids. since we go often I have gotten pretty decent at it. See you all tomorrow :)

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