Saturday, May 21, 2011

total randomness

OK, So, I should tell everyone who reads this more about myself. I guess. At least then everyone could understand a little of what goes on in this head of mine...
  • I was born in Iowa and have lived here since just before I turned 11. I moved 30+ times between birth and age 11.
  • As a child I hated the colors pink and green. I'm still not completely in love with them but I can deal with them.
  • I buy anything and everything that I can from second hand stores. Clothes, dishes, get the idea. I will NOT buy 2nd hand underclothing or swimsuits though, NASTY!
  • I cannot make a bed neatly to save my life. I can picture how it should look but it never turns out that way.
  • I cannot make up my mind what I want to do in a day. I start a hundred different things and usually dont finish any of them.
  • I love my children more then anything in the world but I could not be a stay at home mom. I would go completly bonkers!
  • I love love love craigslist!
  • I have a 130 pound rottweiler "puppy" named bernaldino(dino). he is 16 months old and the sweetest smartest (and dumbest) dog I have ever had. I love him to pieces, I just wish he would walk on a leash without holding it in his mouth.
  • I also have 3 cats(gremble, peanut butter and jessie) and 2 turtles (splish and splash)
  • We are trying to find another rottie, a female this time.
  • I am super cheap and will search out a deal or use a coupon even if I have the money to pay full price. Who doesnt love to save money?
  • My husband drives me insane. I think thats normal though.
  • I am super forgetful and have to make lists in order to remember even some of what needs done. I am working on this.
  • If I had 3 wishes one of them would be for powers like harry and hermoine have.
  • I read aolt at times and then won't touch a book for 6 months. Its an issue. I am currently forcing myself to finish Dracula. I am not diggin it at all. to long winded and boring for me.
  • It sometimes takes me months to do things that I have all the supplies for. I just procrastinate and get off the subject that bad. I am working on this too.
I think that is enough random facts about myself for today. :)

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