Wednesday, May 4, 2011

spring clean up

I just found out that this saturday and next saturday is Clive's spring cleanup. Guess what just made it to the top of my to do list for the day :) for those that are not aware spring clean up is this nifty little thing that we hicks here in central iowa do to get rid of extra junk(or in my case dumpster dive for more things to hoard) for one week in each of the towns around here (or a day) you can set out your big things, extra stuff, ect and they will pick it all up with your trash. How cool is that! hoarder heaven!! I'm not rally a hoarder but I really do FIRMLY believe Your trash is anothe man's treasure! We have found and been given so many cool things for absolutely free that I have to believe this. Seriously, we have spent a complete total of 80$ on all the furniture in our home. And it really isnt junk, totally useable and cumfy. Especially my bed. Oh how I LLLLLOOOOOOOOOVVVVVVVEEEEEE my bed. for real! and It was given to us by my friends amazng mil! So, now I am going to embark on a treasure hunt :) wish me luck!  oh my garsh I have turned my child into a hoarder too! lol! se just brought the empty egg carton to me and said "hey mom, dont throw this away! we can make something out of it! Like bats or a rainbow or something." in her favor we did make bats out of egg cartons, but I'm not really sure how the rainbow thing came about or how we would do that. Hmmmmm.... I love my little girl, She is her mothers daughter!!!

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