Friday, May 6, 2011

one more

I have to work one more night then I have the weekend off. fabulous. I really love my job but it is more then a little stressful sometimes. We went curbing last night and only found one good thing :( there wasn't much to pick from unfortunately. But the one thing I did find is a pretty cool old cabinet so we will see what I can do with it. It is also just the beginning of spring clean up season so hopefully we will find many more treasures as the weeks go on. Layla and I went to the DAV today. We spent a grand total of 31$ on: 4 pairs of shorts, 8 shirts and 2 jeans for Mikey, 2 jeans(gymboree and zana di!!) and a pair of Nike shox for Layla, 3 picture frames(one is really neat and has key hooks on it, I'm excited to paint it and use it as the "hole it the wall cover", & yes there's a hole in my wall that I cover) and a 500 piece puzzle. I wonder if all the pieces are in the puzzle... I absolutely LOVE thrift stores!!! and there are so many around here that I have NO trouble what so ever finding good quality stuff at an AMAZING price. I also found a couch set that I really really want but I don't have the 400$ they are asking for it :(. oh well. my couch works just fine. And a pair of jeans but they didn't fit me ah....hhh....hhhh.... I was going to go garage sailing tomorrow but it is unfortunately supposed to rain and that doesn't sound like fun to me. not at all. I want to get some good garage sailing in soon. 
Update on surveys: thats a no go capitan. I havent earned enough from them to even be able to cash out yet(you have to earn 20$) I dont qualify for anything! oh emm gee! I'm going to find a different site hopefully that has some better ones that I CAN qualify for. The best one that I have been doing is inbox dollars, only because you earn $$ for reading emials and playing games but it's only 2 cents for each email....

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