Friday, August 12, 2011

goals are needed

I am lagging in my life lately. I think the reason is that I have no real goals to work towards. Nothing at all is really going on. Nothing to really work towards and look forward to. I stay home and do nothing and go to work sometimes. So, I am going to set some goals.
1) Not to call in to work or volunteer to be the one sent home. I would like to not miss a day of work for the next 4 months. until after christmas at least.
2) Get everything to gether and done so that I can take the class that I need to get into the DMACC nursing program.
3) organize and decorate my living room so that it looks nice and put together. I really dont like the disorganized chaos that is my living room.
4) Teach my daughter to read. She is doing a great job so far but she just wants to know it without learning it. It frustrates her when she can't just do something without effort, she is very much like me in this way.
5) finish the booster seat sewing thing....urgh...this is a much more annoying sewing project then I had anticipated so I have been putting it off for months...
6) LEARN HTML!!! seriously, I really want to know this. I think a trip to the library is in order.
7) fabric scrap "beanbag" chairs. I don't know if I have enough fabric scraps for this though...

I have some furniture redo's that I want to get done once I find "the perfect piece" a new desk, some kitchen table chairs, some painting of dressers that I already have etc....

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  1. Your first goal should be checking my blog. There's something for there!

    Hope you get better.