Wednesday, September 14, 2011

its been a while

My internet was shut off for a while so i havent been on here in what seems like FOREVER. lol. it has been a few weeks. My little princess started preschool last week! she loves it!! awesome. Mikey and Layla both started soccer a couple weeks ago with they love! I think they love everything :) I got the old winter clothes packed up and ready to go. now I have to find some new stuff for this year :( and pack up all the summer clothes now that its starting to get chilier. Ive had my truck worked on 2 times and it still have something else wrong with it. Its one thing after another with that thing. It is almost paid off though so now its time for me to seriously look into finding a crossover or a minivan. Im thinking a minivan though for the space and options.

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