Thursday, March 31, 2011

flirt with the hood rats then pop models

Ok, we hear this all the time. S/he hates on me because s/he is jealous. I am just gonna break it to ya, sorry honey but nobody is jealous. You are cute, but you are not a supermodel. You live with your mom/sister/friend/cousin and have nothing of your own. You have no values and are stuck. I, for one, am not jealous of that. The reason I don't like you and "hate on you" is because you are rude, obnixous, disrespctful and lazy. With that said, please have something to be jealous about before you say people are jealous of you. k? thanks.

On to something else :) Work was alot better last night. Not so busy. I love my job. I work hard and make enough money to pay what is neccessary. Its nice when people say thank you for doing simple things for them because they are honestly grateful for my help. I like helping people. I signed up for DMACC this summer. I have one more class to take then i will be on the waiting list for nursing classes. I wouldn't have to do that but I waited too long to sign up and they changed the prerequisites. oops. And! there was enough downtime last night that i finished a crochet hat that i have been working on for days. woohoo! AND! I have tonight off so i can get a few things done :) AND!!! I got to sleep today!! I'm in a pretty good overall mood. I miss my budda boy though :(

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