Wednesday, April 20, 2011

out the ying yang

I hit a road block. I could not think of a single thing "crafty" to do. So, I decided to sit down and brainstorm. I made a little list. Then it got bigger. and bigger. and now I have a list of about 30 different projects. I am satisfied with that being my goals for the next few weeks (or months lol) Here is a small list of whats to come: dandelion painting, I am super excited about this but it may take sometime to find the right size canvas.
tea pot herbs, another one that excites me :)
bucket garden(of course)
end tables :( not so excited about this, but we NEED them...
cloth boxes, I found a cute pattern for cloth storage boxes.
something to fill the recessed cuby in the bathroom, a cabinet, shelf, bench something...
also want a shelf up on that wall
do something with the shelves that are sitting in the basement. hmmm....not sure what yet
Thats a good start :) hopefully I will have something new and fun to show everyone in the next few days. Something besides my pissed off rants. Maybe I should seperate the blog, one my projects, one my insane pissy rants.... there is an idea. Don't know if I'll actually do that though. Oh, we found something interesting to do with pork! chili! This is only really interesting because we really didn't have alot of the ingredients to make chili. What we did: 2 cans of kidney beans (we did have those) 1 can chili with beans, 2 cans tomato soup 1 can mild enchilada sauce, we didnt have tomatoes or tomato sauce so we made do with what we had on hand. add regular chili spices(onionpowder, chili powder, garlic salt, oregano, cilantro) a minced onion and jalapnos and cubed pork, and viola, pork chili. It was AWESOME! I think the enchilada sauce really made it!  yummy.

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