Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Do the Zoo

Tomorrow is my day off and more junking is planned :). Clive spring clean up for another try. And grimes spring clean up. Cross your fingers that I come back with something good this time. We really really really need some dressers. I have really been hoping to find one or 2 that have some life left in them. I am more then a little annoyed with my clothing in baskets situation and would like to remedy that ASAP! We went to the zoo yesterday afternoon. Yes the first really hot day of the year (98) we decide to head to the zoo. With 3 kids age 4 & 5. It was kinda fun actually, other then half the exhibits being closed or worked on.

3 goofy little kids on the way to the zoo. I have about a dozen more like this. It was photobooth time I guess.
I asked them to show me what the flamingos do. This is what I got. lol. Mikey biffed it. Landed right on his face. He isn't the best flamingo I guess :)

The fishies.

My favorite part of the zoo, the penguins!

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